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Tublamu uses Novotek.




Green 16, Tublamu, Phang Nga, Thailand


The Royal Thai Navy golf course at Tublamu in Phang Nga province that was severely damaged by the tsunami on December 26, 2005 have planted Novotek on the greens to provide superior turf all year round.  When the rainy or monsoon season comes to the south of Thailand, courses with standard Tifdwarf encounter many problems due to the humidity & low light situations.  The Novotek was grown-in with salt levels of up to 5000ppm which slowed the establishment of the grass a little.   With such high levels, it shows the toughness that the Novotek can endure.   The course is scheduled to re-open on the 1st anniversary of the tsunami with Thailand's prime minister  Thaksin Shinawatra expected to officiate in the ceremony.



Green 14, Tublamu, Phang Nga, Thailand


Project management & irrigation installation was carried out by the Innotech Group.  

Earthworks & course design were provided by Golf East.  


Premium turf is the only mark we leave.