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Zeolite Australia appoints Global Turf Consulting as their distributor for Asia.

Michael Wood, Marketing & Sales Manager was ecstatic that Global Turf Consulting was going to be their distributor for the Asian region. With Zeolite's environmentally friendly characteristics, they look forward to helping turf managers in the region avoid excess leaching of water & nutrients from there sand profiles from tropical rains.

The Benefits of Zeolite are:

  1. Enables better plant growth
  2. Reduces loss of nutrients in the soil
  3. Improves the value of fertilizer applications
  4. Retains nutrients for use by plants
  5. Improves long term soil quality

Applying Zeolite to the sand / soil can improve its ability to hold nutrients without effecting its ability to drain.  Whilst drainage is important to prevent many root diseases, it also leads to rapid leaching of nutrients away from the root zones of plants. These nutrients are important for good plant growth.  Most important of these nutrients are Nitrogen & Potassium and to a lesser degree calcium, magnesium and trace elements.  

Zeolite can hold nutrients in the root zone for plants to use when required.  This leads to more efficient use of N & K fertilizers.  An added benefit of Zeolite is that it does not break down over time but remains in the soil to help improve nutrient retention.  Zeolite is not acidic, but marginally alkaline and its use with fertilizers can help buffer soil pH levels reducing the need for lime applications.





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