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Novotek™  (TL2)




Novotek™ bermuda grass is specifically for bowling & golf greens.

Key Benefits

  • Natural resistance to fungus problems
  • Deep & excellent root system.
  • Can be mowed as low as 2mm

Royalties  -  As this is a Trademarked grass,  5% of each sale of this variety goes back to the Plant Breeder.  The amount of royalties paid varies, depending on the method of establishment, propagation technique & on how much area is planted.

Note:   (TM & PBR) - To protect its integrity and to maintain purity, it has been Trade Marked and gone through the Plant Breeder Rights (PBR) process and can only be grown and sold under license by authorized growers.  It has been DNA fingerprinted and Trademarked to prevent unauthorized propagation.   Illegal and unauthorized distribution is forbidden and legal action will be taken against offenders.



Premium turf is the only mark we leave.