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Seashore Paspalum




Seashore is a breed of environmentally friendly warm season turfgrass, which has been developed to suit the changing conditions that exist today.  This variety can tolerate these types of water conditions with the correct management practices: potable, recycled (brackish, effluent, non-potable, wastewater) and seawater.

This grass requires only small amounts of fertilizer and minimal pesticides.  Its quality allows for use on golf course tees, fairways, roughs & greens as well as sports fields, home lawns, parks & race tracks.   Seashore has good drought tolerance as long as irrigation scheduling is infrequent & of adequate duration to promote deep rooting.

Key Benefits

  • Minimal pesticides
  • Tolerates a wide range of water qualities
  • Low fertilizer requirement

Stolon Pricing




< 100 kg

pas1 ฿190 / kg
101 - 499 kg pas2 ฿170 / kg

> 500 kg

pas3 ฿150 / kg

Note: (TM & PBR) - To protect its integrity and to maintain purity, it has been Trade Marked and gone through the Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) process and can be only grown and sold under license by authorized growers.   It has been DNA fingerprinted and Trademarked to prevent unauthorized propagation.   Illegal and unauthorized distribution is forbidden and legal action will be taken against offenders.



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