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Novotek™  Bermuda Grass. (PBR)

This newly developed grass is best suited for bowling greens or golf course greens. Being much finer than Tifdwarf & Tifgreen it develops a tighter & lower mat. It has a thick healthy sward with slightly darker colour during the rainy season. This variety offers a finer surface, better root system, lower use of fungicides and excellent performance in difficult locations.  
Because Novotek™ is low maintenance as compared to Tifeagle & the other new ultra dwarfs; as well as having better disease resistance and other advantages, it has become the best choice for golf courses affected by the wet or rainy season.

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Mountain Green™ Bermuda Grass. (PBR)

Global Turf Consulting has introduced this variety as it is ideally suited to the tropics coming from Far North Queensland. A low growing bermuda for tees & fairway situations. It has great wear and recovery properties and is highly recommended for areas with poor air flow and / or heavy cloud cover. Very dark green in colour and with it's slow upright growth requires infrequent mowing. It is highly resistant to fungal diseases as well as having good shade tolerance.

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Zoysia Grass.

These environmentally friendly grasses are best suited for the tropical & sub-tropical climates. With an exceptional dense sward, it does not allow weeds to invade like in bermuda or paspalum after several years.

They have excellent disease & insect resistance compared to paspalum. Due to there slow growth, they are easier & cheaper to maintain whilst providing a first class surface for golf courses, horse racing, parks, home lawns & sporting fields.

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Seashore Paspalum.

This breed of paspalum is suited to the difficult growing conditions of Asia. Seashore is ideal for where turf needs to be grown on poor soils and / or bad water quality is used as the main irrigation source. This turf is able to tolerate a vast range of water qualities which includes potable, recycled & seawater.

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Soil Zyme.

Soil Zyme is a powerful biochemical soil activator designed for the turf & horticulture industries. Its advanced new enzyme technology uses specially selected enzymes to biologically re-invigorate degraded soils. The enzymes stimulate & enhance existing soil bacteria to treat a wide range of soil ailments & plant diseases.

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Zeolite Mineral Additive.

Adding Zeolite to the soil produces significant turf root improvements & dense and deeper feeder root systems. It also means less fertilisers are required, key nutrients are retained and the potassium levels in the soil are increased. Zeolite will produce a permanent increase in cation-exchange capacity. Global Turf Consulting is the sole distributor in the Asia region.

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GTC is the exclusive distributor in Thailand for BunkerMat & Megaflo.

Geofabrics supply a full range of geosynthetic products in the following key applications: Golf Course Solutions, Geotextiles, Drainage & Water Solutions, Ground Support, Shoreline Protection, Erosion & Sedimentation Control, Landfills & Waste Containment, Retaining Structures.

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Liquid Grosorb is an environmentally friendly, organic based soil wetter. Tailor made to overcome the hydrophobic conditions that are common to Australiasian soils. It is suitable for use in all turf situations, commercial nurseries & domestic gardens.

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Beyond Organic.

It is a fully organic & chemical free soil conditioner. Beyond Organic has American Certification with OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) & is called Jungle Flora in North America. It is 100% safe for any person to apply & any runoff of Beyond Organic into local waterways is safe.

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About the Plant Breeder's Rights process.

To protect its integrity and to maintain purity, it has been Trade Marked (TM) and gone through the Plant Breeders Rights process (PBR) and can only be grown under license by authorized growers. It has been DNA finger printed and Trade Marked to prevent unauthorized propagation. Illegal and unauthorized distribution is forbidden and legal action will be taken against offenders.



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