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Key Benefits

  • 37 years experience in the Asia - Pacific region working with all types of soils in all sorts of climates with both warm & cool season grasses.

  • Having worked at Victoria Golf Club (rated 6th in Australia) in the famous 'Melbourne' sand belt area, the attention for detail in our work is world class.

  • From repairing other peoples mistakes, we ensure you don't get burnt a second time.   No job is too big, small or too difficult.



  • We collaborate with the Innotech Company, who provide pump & irrigation installation, retro-fitting & system upgrades.

  • Geofabrics Australasia supply BunkerMat bunker liner & Megaflo flat panel drainage pipe for specific jobs..

  • We select the most suitable turf seed, stolons or sod from reputable suppliers who can provide the best hygienic turf at affordable prices.  We ensure your staff can handle the maintenance of the selected species, so that it is easy for them to maintain whilst providing a first class surface.  We provide grow-in programs using reputable fertilizers such as Scotts.



Reference Accounts




Artificial cricket wicket,  Asian Institute of Technology,  Bangkok,  Thailand



Bophut Hills,  Koh Samui,  Thailand



 Hole 7,  Jade Palace Golf Club,  Chunchon,  South Korea                      www.jadepalace.co.kr





Premium turf is the only mark we leave.