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Key Benefits

  • Professional advice.

  • The right products for your requirements.

  • No capital outlay & maintenance.



  • 37 years of experience in the Asia - Pacific region with both warm & cool season turf grasses.

  • Unbiased decisions makes sure you get the correct grass for your area.  We evaluate the usage of your specific playing area to provide the most suitable & economic grass for your requirements.  We provide grow-in programs using reputable fertilizers such as Scotts.

  • If you don't have an adequate budget for specialized equipment to be sitting around idle a lot of the time, we can provide maintenance contracts to mow your grass; fertilizing; removal of weeds, insects or disease if necessary, with environmentally friendly products; topdressing; thatch removal; drainage installation; soil amendments or aerating.   You don't have the worry of you untrained staff wasting your valuable time doing this work.



Reference Accounts




Hole 1, Tublamu Navy Golf Course, Phang Nga. Thailand



Green 11, Gassan Khuntan Golf Resort, Lamphun, Thailand                   www.gassangolf.com



 Green 5, Gassan Khuntan Golf Resort, Lamphun. Thailand                    www.gassangolf.com





Premium turf is the only mark we leave.