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Key Benefits

  • Independent & unbiased advice.

  • Working with different soils, grasses & climates.

  • 37 years of experience allows us to make the best decisions for you.



  • Our independent advice & unbiased opinion ensures you the client are getting the best materials for your project. We can provide quality control guidelines & testing to ensure the products you are paying for are conforming to industry standards or contract specifications. We will help select the best products so that they last as long as possible, whilst giving maximum value for money. We provide grow-in programs using reputable fertilizers like Scotts.

  • From knowing your budget limit, whilst determining the expected playing   requirements and the existing & future soil & water quality issues. We can  then select what will be the best turf species for your needs, so that you will  have a first class surface with a low maintenance schedule & reflective cost.

  • Our vast experience in the Asia - Pacific region allows us to evaluate your  needs so that get value for money from the contractor, supplier or your own  staff. Having observed & rectified other peoples mistakes, we are in the best  position of judgment to prevent them happening to you.



Reference Accounts




Hole 10, Gassan Khuntan Golf Resort, Lamphun. Thailand                    www.gassangolf.com



Cricket ground at Prem Tinsulanonda Center for International Education, Chiang Mai.  Thailand



 Fairway 17, Tublamu Navy Golf Course, Phang Nga, Thailand




Premium turf is the only mark we leave.